About Us

About Us

Uddalak Chakrabarty Founder of Happy n Healthys.

Happy n Healthys

Founded By Uddalak Chakrabarty, Happy n Healthys (A Unit of NC Enterprise) is a Kolkata based organisation. People from over 8 states of India and 4 countries of the World have availed counselling sessions from our panel of therapists.

Our commitment is proximity and quality to those who are seeking help and wish to make a positive change in their lives. We have carefully selected some of the most experienced psychologists of Kolkata and appointed them at various locations in the city. So that your nearest therapist just about 10 minutes away from your location.

Our empaneled therapists undergo careful selection process. So that you can consult only the best psychologists from the city. See A written feedback from our patient below:

“… I met a lot of psychologists in the past, more than 7-8, but did not continue therapy sessions with them… I had a very good experience with Happy and Healthy as they were extremely supportive… I really appreciate Happy and Healthy and also my psychologist… I am currently going through the therapy sessions and I am really having a wonderful experience with them. I can feel that I am getting better…” ~ P Chatterjee

Some of The Best Psychologists In Kolkata

Employee Wellness Program For Corporate

A Happy and healthy workforce is directly related with efficiency of an organisation. It reduces absenteeism, increases productivity benefiting from associated economic gains.

Contact Us To Organise Employee Wellness Program At Your Company.

Phone: +91-9073672400 or Email us at info@happynhealthys.com

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