Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Take control of frequent mood swings from depressive low to manic highs.

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Bipolar Disorder, formerly termed as Manic Depression or Manic Depressive Disorder affects about 45 million people across the globe, according to the World Health Organization. The cause of Bipolar Disorder is not known although it likely is caused by a combination of genetic and nongenetic factors. They are of three types – Bipolar I, Bipolar II and Cyclothymic disorder and the symptoms can include unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity, sleep patterns, ability to focus. Mood changes in Bipolar Disorder are much more intense than people normally experience and should be taken lightly.

Bipolar Disorder Can Be Described As Such

For your child counseling you need the best Child Psychologist in Kolkata. Child Psychology, also sometimes termed as Developmental Psychology deals with the conscious and subconscious development of children, teenagers, or adolescents. A Child Psychologist would be interested in the following three areas in a growing individual.

Manic episodes

  • Racing thoughts
  • Fast speech about multiple subjects
  • Unprotected sex, or other reckless behaviour such as eat or drink excessively
  • An unexplained sense of extreme self importance, talented or powerful
  • Feel very elated and high on energy

Depressive episodes

  • Trouble focusing and concentrating
  • Slow speech and tendency to forget things
  • Decrease sex drive and a general inability to experience pleasure
  • Feeling of worthlessness or suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling extremely sad, or upset or “down”

It is not unheard of patients experiencing features of both Manic and Depressive episodes at the same time. The intensity of these symptoms can vary within individuals.

Our Approach To Bipolar Disorder

First and foremost, if you are having any form of suicidal thoughts, you should immediately reach out to a friend or family or call a 24/7 helpline like Vandrevala Foundation on +917304599836. The diagnosis for Bipolar Disorder will have to come from your health provider who can refer you to a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, registered to perform tests to confirm your condition. If you are already under the treatment of a Psychiatrist, you are likely to be on medication and may have been suggested to consult a Psychologist for talk therapy. Happy n Healthys can help with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to manage your thought and action patterns.
We also provide family focused therapy since your actions or thought processes will affect your loved ones around you. Psychoeducation is also required to be more aware of your disorder and how to work around it. This would be beneficial for you and your family. There have been some advancements in this field and our Therapists would also be able to use Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy (IPSRT), which focuses on regulating daily habits such as, eating, exercising and sleeping. The sooner you work to manage your condition, the better. Reach out to us today to consult a therapist online from anywhere in India.

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