Counselling For Depression

Depression is treatable & beatable.

The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than 264 million people of all ages globally, who are suffering from Depression. So you are note alone. Avail our counselling & therapy services for depression. Start by selecting a therapist.

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Symptoms of Depression

There is a general tendency among the Indian population at least, to not seek professional help until things get from bad to worse. But if you feel that you are suffering from Depression, the sooner you seek help, the better.

A man in a depressed state.

Our Approach To Depression Therapy

A female psychologist is providing counselling and therapy services for depression.

In case you are already diagnosed with Depression, it is likely that you are under the care of a Psychiatrist who has suggested medication, along with counselling. The approach to managing Depression depends on the various factors that cause Depression. The Counsellors at Happy n Healthys would primarily depend on Talk therapy to figure out those factors and then apply appropriate practises to address those issues going forward. Some of those methods can be.


Each individual has their own pattern of thought and behaviour. In Depression, individuals usually spiral into a negative thought process. Cognitive behavioural therapy BT helps the individual to identify when they are switching to an unhealthy thought or behaviour pattern and then to take steps in replacing them with realistic, practical, positive thoughts and actions


Is one of the more useful forms of depression counselling. This allows for an outlet for negative emotions like shame, guilt, fear, pain, resentment, anger through art, music or drama. This leads to reduced anxiety and paves the way for figuring out what other barriers one is facing.


This helps the individual understand the two-way connection between the relationships they share with people around them, and their mental health. Interpersonal therapy attempts to identify the issues in communication, negotiation within relationships, or dealing with loss from a relationship.


There is a tendency in individuals to ruminate, to delve deeply into past experiences that trigger a spark of negative emotions. Mindfulness therapy helps to detach yourself from that train of thought and emotion. It entails meditation, breathing exercises and focusing on the present moment.

The first step towards solving a problem, is to accept that there is one. Depression is treatable and beatable. Reach out to us to book your first appointment today.

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