ADHD is individualised depending on the type and severity of their condition

Do you have trouble focusing on tasks or have a short attention span? Do you feel restless or easily distracted when performing certain tasks? Do you have trouble completing tasks? Do you have a habit of interrupting others while they are talking? All of these could be signs of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, popularly known as ADHD that can impact your daily life. It is a mental disorder that leads to hyperactivity, difficulty in paying attention or even controlling impulsive behaviour. Signs and symptoms of ADHD could also include poor time management, difficulty in staying organised, exaggerated emotions or difficulty managing emotions when overwhelmed.

Symptoms of ADHD

Even though the symptoms of ADHD begin during childhood as early as 3 years, they could continue impacting your life even in adulthood. To diagnose ADHD, symptoms must be identified before the age of 12 years. Children with ADHD usually display a low self esteem, poor academic performance, poor social interaction skills resulting in troubled relationships even during adulthood, poor performance at workplace during adulthood, depression, etc. Usually symptoms improve with age, but cannot be completely cured. Sadly, most often the diagnosis of ADHD is delayed as the symptoms can be mistaken to be emotional or disciplinary issues resulting from bad parenting. However, once diagnosed ADHD can be managed very well with appropriate treatment strategies.


Our approach

Mostly children with ADHD are first recommended to Psychological treatments such as behavioural Therapy even before medications are prescribed. Psychological treatment for each child or adult with ADHD is individualised depending on the type and severity of their condition.


Specific training is given to parents of younger kids for teaching them the most effective strategies to manage the symptoms. This includes strategies to encourage and reward positive behaviours and also stress management techniques to help children with emotional issues



In addition, even specific behavioural classroom management techniques can be taught to help the children function appropriately in the classroom environment and thus, maximise their learning potential at school.

Our expert team of Psychologists and behavioural therapists at Happy n Healthy are specially trained and exceptionally skilled in these strategies. They can help the children and adults with ADHD manage their symptoms in the best possible manner to be able to function adequately alongside their peers in their day to day activities.


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