Sradhanajali Mondal

Name: Sradhanajali Mondal

Address: Kankurgachi In Kolkata.

Qualification: Hons. Psychology(Calcutta University)
MA in Psychology (Specialization in Clinical Psychology)
PG Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology (Calcutta University)
PG Diploma in Guidance and Psychological Counselling

Face  To Face:

Fee: Rs. 1200/-
(Duration: 60 minutes)

Avail Online Counselling:

Fee: Rs. 999/-
(Duration: 50 minutes)

Sradhanajali Mondal is an RCI Registered Psychologist with over a decade of experience in psychology. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Calcutta University, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and Postgraduate Diplomas in Rehabilitation Psychology and Guidance and Psychological Counselling, all from Calcutta University.

With a background that includes professional experience at :

Primarily Deals With:

Also deals with:

Anxiety disorder, Depression, OCD, panic disorder, stress management, anger management, management of problem behaviours and more.

Speaks: Bengali, Hindi & English


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It is a great experience with them...They let you choose your doctor and my experience with her is so great.
Chitrangada Das Srivastav
Chitrangada Das Srivastav
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The online consultation was very productive and doctor helped me understand my feelings better. Also the appointment organizers and schedule contact person were polite and helpful.
Madhumita Lath
Madhumita Lath
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Excellent 👍Highly recommended.
Srijita Ghosh
Srijita Ghosh
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Today was my first day and I really felt heard. She was to the point and practical which I liked.
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