Self Improvement

Self Improvement

Self improvement can be useful for people from all walks of life.

What is Self Improvement or Personality Development?

Self improvement, personality development or personal growth are different ways of encompassing significant, continuous, and healthy improvement in one’s perspective, thought process, self esteem, self confidence, self worth, physical health, financial status, quality of relationships, etc. It allows a person to live a satisfying and productive life within the customs and regulations of their society. Self improvement can be useful for people from all walks of life. You don’t necessarily need to be suffering from anxiety issues or confidence issues to seek self improvement. You can be functioning quite well and still want to improve on some gap areas to improve efficiency in your work, intimacy in relationships, learn to be more generous and considerate of people’s feelings.

How can I improve myself?

Depends on what you are trying to improve.

  • You may be trying to improve your confrontational skills to stand up for yourself – 
    • To your significant other and ask for what you want but are not receiving in your relationship
    • To your boss to make the case for why you should get a raise
    • To everyone in general because you may have a problem of saying NO
  • You may be trying to improve your self confidence, the lack of which is preventing you from doing all the fun activities you always wanted. For example, taking a solo trip, learning how to ride a two-wheeler, posting a video of yourself doing a cultural/artistic activity or a photo of your latest painting, or a new poem that you may have composed.
  • You may be trying to cope with your social skills which is causing you to not be able to introduce yourself in public forums, professional meetings or maybe which is causing you to not be able to go up and interact with your crush. 
  • You may be trying to be more accepting of your adolescent son’s/daughter’s sexuality and wrapping your head around everything that is happening in your teenager’s life. 
  • You may be trying to better manage your anger which is causing issues in your relationships and in all probability is affecting your physical health.
  • You may be trying to be more intimate and giving in your romantic relationship. 
  • You may be trying to get over your fear of dogs which stops you from visiting friends and relatives who have them as pets. 

Our approach

There is no 1-rule-fits-all when it comes Self improvement or personality development. This process can include periodic counselling or coaching to intense and long term therapy depending on the facets of your life that you want to improve. The highly talented team of Psychologists at HappynHealthys will be able to help you identify your biases, and assist you in balancing or countering them by rationalising your thought processes. They will provide you realistic activities to take part in that will serve as your stepping stones on the road to self development. But as Morpheus said in The Matrix, “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one who must walk through it.” Above all, one has to understand that self improvement is a time taking process. It will take a significant amount of time, hard work and dedication on your part to help form habits that challenge what you have been conditioned to believe for years.

You can bring about self improvement using some common steps –



The first step, which is always the hardest – accepting out loud that there are things in your life that need changing.


Make a plan to gradually move up a series of events that helps you to achieve a specific goal.


Take action to initiate the plan.


Create a loop of positive feedback that allows you to form and stick to habits that help you in the long term to bring in the changes you want to see.


Think in the long term and avoid short term gratifications that get in the way of your progress.


Check for pre-formed biases and prejudices that might not be true and are holding you back from taking further action. More often than not, we have to tear down our existing beliefs/assumptions in order to build something Happy n Healthy.



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